AFuzion: Bringing all The Safety-Critical Services Under a Single Roof

Top 10 Avionics Services Companies - 2022

In the aftermath of the pandemic, industries have proactively started revitalizing their operations in full swing—and the avionics industry is no exception. Regaining passenger confidence has become a critical factor for airlines to weather the ongoing economic storm brought upon by the pandemic and remain competitive in the year ahead. As this sector is projected to grow further with governments lifting travel restrictions worldwide, there is little doubt that evolving technologies are not only helping add better functionalities to the aircraft but are significantly reducing manufacturing costs and saving time.

In lieu of these developments, the global avionics market size is projected to reach USD 75.81 billion by 2027, projecting a CAGR of 9.25 percent during the forecast period. The market growth can also be attributed to the new multiport interconnector technologies exhibiting low loss at RF/microwave frequencies with high security and repeatability. They are increasingly adopted by airlines to keep up with the most demanding EMI/EMC requirements. Likewise, when it comes to military avionics systems, they are now expanding radar altimeters and microwave landing systems (MLS) that are providing more accurate measurements for a safe landing.

Staying ahead of this industry narrative, this particular edition of Aerospace and Defense Review brings forth the most influential developments in the avionics solutions space that are enhancing aircraft performance to a great extent. It features thought leadership articles from Conn Doherty, Vice President, Future Aircraft Systems & Technology at Raytheon Intelligence & Space, who speaks about the imminent implementation of open system architecture for developing new software for aircraft used in naval warfare. It also features commentaries from Eric Hein, Vice President for Advanced Development and Space Programs, Spirit AeroSystems, Inc., who highlights the importance of leveraging digital engineering and model-based simulations for developing UAVs.

In addition to these critical insights from industry experts, the edition presents the most promising avionics solutions from the top companies on the rise, including AFuzion, a company setting new standards for safety-critical services in avionics systems. We hope this edition will help you find the right avionics solution provider that will empower you to improve aircraft performance with utmost efficiency.

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    Top Avionics Services Companies

  • AFuzion offers knowledge, expertise, and safety-critical compliance for aircraft software and hardware as well as ground and satellite systems. The company provides services and products, including engineering augmentation, training, gap analysis, mentoring, auditing, software outsourcing, and certification.

  • Logicircuit


    Logicircuit is a US-based, and wholly “on-shore,” avionics design and DO-254/178C services and IP provider.The company focuses exclusively on helping “DO” applicants develop their airborne electronic hardware/ software, and improve the efficiency and quality of their compliance efforts

  • AeroCheck MRO

    AeroCheck MRO

    Aerocheck MRO is a FAA Certified Repair Station. The company delivers an unmatched combination of quality, technology, superior customer service, and meticulous attention to detail to provide cockpit solutions with focused guidance, unsurpassed accuracy, and dependable safety

  • Aeropro


    Aeropro are leading avionics experts specializing in the implementation of robust avionics solutions, including the Evolution Flight Display System by Aspen Avionics. The system features reliable solid-state sensors, and sharp, bright LCDs, all of which are designed to work with the existing panel

  • Clearwater Aviation

    Clearwater Aviation

    Clearwater Aviation strives to provide the best instruction the industry has to offer while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and safety

  • JPS Aviation

    JPS Aviation

    JPS Aviation provides with professional, reliable avionics services, including sales, service and installation.They repair all major avionic components and even sale and install auto-pilot systems or any other related avionic systems

  • Neeme Systems Solutions

    Neeme Systems Solutions

    Neeme Systems Solutions Inc. (NSS) is an Aircraft and Avionics Systems Development Engineering Services company. The company specializes in the development of Aircraft, Avionics Safety-Critical Systems.

  • Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems

    Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems

    Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems provide civilian MRO services. The company is foreign government prime service provider of depot maintenance, refurbishment, and modifications for military versions of general aviation airframes

  • Western Jet Aviation

    Western Jet Aviation

    Western Jet Aviation is an FAA Certified Repair Station offering tip-to-tail maintenance and avionics support for G200 through G650. The company is world's largest independently owned business jet maintenance facility specializing in Gulfstream® type aircraft

  • Yingling Aviation

    Yingling Aviation

    Yingling Aviation is a full-service fixed base operation providing 24-hour line service.Yingling’s FAA/EASA-certified aircraft maintenance department performs annuals, repairs, servicing and pre-purchase evaluation for all aircraft, specializing in turbine and twin inspections